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Warning: Questionable Cancer Therapies

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - NIH alternative medicine site. Recommend to use Search function to find cancer info. 


American Cancer Society, Alternative Therapy - Information on alternative medical therapy for cancer.

Steve Dunn's Information on Alternative Therapies - Great information from, the website of a cancer patient.


Alternative Medicine Online - General information provided. Recommend to use their Quick Find feature to search for cancer info.

Carol Ann Schwartz Cancer Initiative - Columbia University's Rosenthal Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine.


Alternative Cancer Treatments - Provide good discussion group about alternative cancer treatment.
 •Alternative Therapies in Cancer
Cancer Alternative Treatment Research:
 • Study Focuses on Alternative Cancer Treatment  - Using a century-old technique, a New York physician claims to have brought scores of cancer patients into remission. 
 • Alternative Remedies for Cancer: Do They Work? new!
As the fight against cancer continues, researchers are starting to do scientific studies on 'alternative' treatments.
 •University of Texas Center for Alternative Medicine Research
 • New use of alternative medicine after breast cancer surgery signals distress
Hydrazine Sulfate: 
 • National Cancer Institute Studies of Hydrazine Sulfate
 • Hydrazine Sulfate Extra - with News Update
 •Syracuse Cancer Research Institute - General info and article base on published studies on hydrasine sulfate.
 • Mayo Clinic: What about Hydrazine sulfate?  - Hydrazine sulfate has received considerable attention in the media recently, but despite what you've heard, it's not a miracle cure.
Suggested Reading
What You Need to Know About Choosing an Alternative Cancer Therapy -  from The Complete Guide to Alternative Cancer Therapies provided in WebMD Electronic Libray.  Recommended if you're considering using non-traditional therapies for cancer.

Warning: Consumer Law Page - Articles about health fraud

Questions and Answers
Q & A about Alternative medicine in Cancer Treatment - Understand cancer treatment with alternative medicine from this useful message from National Cancer Institute.
Ask Dr. Weil - Many articles and Q&A for cancer treatment with alternative therapy. Use the search word "cancer".
Herbal/Vitamin Treatment
 • Herbal Cancer Therapies - An article about numerous herb used for cancer treatment.
 • Effects of Green Tea on Cancer Patients
 •Selenium Forum - Selenium may be effective for cancer prevention. Learn more from the Selenium Forum.
 •The Healing Network - For information about Shark Cartilage.
 •Alternative Medicine Info Summary - Info on Shark Cartilage and treatment from National Cancer Institute.

Oxygen Therapy - An article about oxygen therapy for cancer. With reference.
 • - Talks about acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

American Holistic Health Association


NIH Office of Alternative Medicine

European University of Chinese Medicine - Chinese medicine approach to cancer treatment (Canadian site)

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