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     The books represented on these pages are highly recommended by our Oncologists and patients for Cancer patients, family, loved ones, friends, and caregivers.  These books are for those now undergoing treatments as well as those trying their best to get on with their lives. Hopefully, through the knowledge available here, the stigma of cancer can be better understood.


Diagnosis Cancer:  Your Guide Through the First Few Months
Our family Has cancer Too!
50 Essential Things To Do When The Doctor Says It's Cancer
Dancing in Limbo:  Making Sense of Life After Cancer
In the Country of Illness:  Comfort and Advice for the Journey
Beyond Miracles:  Living With Cancer
Tuesdays with Morrie:  An Old Man, A Young Man, and The Last Great Lesson
Not Now... I'm Having a No hair Day:  Humor and Healing for People With Cancer
God Said, 'Ha!' : A Memoir
All Things Work for Good:  A Book of Encouragement for People With Cancer, Their Family and Friends
A Life In The Balance
Afraid to Ask : A Book for Families to Share About Cancer
Love, Medicine and Miracles : Lessons Learned About Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience With Exceptional Patients
First, You Cry
Anatomy of an Illness As Perceived by the Patient
The Road Back to Health : Coping With the Emotional Aspects of Cancer
Getting Well Again
When Someone You Love Has Cancer
After Cancer : A Guide to Your New Life
Cancer Combat : Cancer Survivors Share Their Guerrilla Tactics to Help You Win the Fight of Your Life
Climbing Back : A Journey With Cancer
February Light : A Love Letter to the Seasons During a Year of Cancer and Recovery
Gilda's Disease : Sharing Personal Experiences and a Medical Perspective on Ovarian Cancer

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Beating Cancer With Nutrition : Clinically Proven and Easy-To-Follow Strategies to Dramatically Improve Quality and Quantity of Life and Chances for a Complete Remission
Coping With Chemotherapy

The Activist Cancer Patient : How to Take Charge of Your Treatment


How I Conquered Cancer in 6 Months : A Naturopathic Alternative


Third Opinion : An International Directory to Alternate Therapy Centers for the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer and Other Degenerative Diseases

Cancer : Increasing Your Odds for Survival : A Resource Guide for Integrating Mainstream, Alternative and Complementary Therapies


Breast Cancer

Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book

Living Beyond Breast Cancer:  A Survivor's Guide for When Treatment Ends and the Rest of Your Life Begins
Hope is Contagious:  The Breast Cancer Treatment Survival Handbook
Spinning Straw into Gold:  Your Emotional Recovery from Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer?  Let Me Check My Schedule
Be a Survivor : Your Guide to Breast Cancer Treatment

Prostate Cancer


The ABCs of Prostate Cancer : The Book That Could Save Your Life


The American Cancer Society: Prostate Cancer, revised edition

Brother to Brother : You Don't Have to Die With Prostate Cancer

How I Survived Prostate Cancer, and So Can You : A Guide for Diagnosing and Treating Prostate Cancer

Localized Prostate Cancer : Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment


Love, Sex & Psa : Living & Loving With Prostate Cancer

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