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Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy

Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy: How Cancer Is Diagnosed, Treated, and Managed Day to Day 

by Malin Dollinger (Editor), et al

Book Description:

Scientists may not have found a cure for cancer yet, but medical researchers have discovered plenty of ways to treat and manage the more than 200 varieties of this disease. In Everyone's Guide To Cancer Therapy, readers will learn the latest theories and practical information available in cancer treatment. Written in easy-to-understand text with instructive illustrations, the book outlines everything from getting second opinions to the role of sleep to what's available on the Internet. The editors have built their careers in cancer research and treatment, teaching and taking care of cancer patients. They also rely on assistance from a 140-member board of medical advisers and contributing authors who are top specialists in all fields of cancer research and treatment. Everyone's Guide To Cancer Therapy is a must-have volume for everyone who has cancer or cares about someone who does.

Customer Review:

"This book is a one stop guide to so many things involving therapies that it is hard to know where to start. Cancer nurses feel this is the best consumer book out there. Information is in plain English, simple terms, with lots of illustrations. Tons of referrals to agencies that may be helpful." 

-- Recommended by Oncology Nurse

"Half way through my chemo treatments, my doctor's office recieved three copies of this book. I borrowed one. I was very impressed with the layout, the data covered, questions answered. This is a very thought out book. I figured I would have it returned to the office by Christmas (three months away) but I was halfway through the first weekend. I highly recommend this book. It is interesting and EASY reading. I like knowing the information that can save my life, now and down the road." 

-- Recommended by Cancer Patient

Review by Cancer Physician:

Click Here for a Review of the Guide written by .

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To Purchase the Book:

The book is available through The Cancer Information Network.  We have made a special arrangement with the publisher and are able to provide the book in a relative low price.  Each book will cost only $19.95 (List Price: $29.95) plus $1.50 for shipping via Fourth Class mail. 

If you would like to obtain a copy of this book, please Click Here to purchase. 


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