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 Welcome to

Cancer of Kidney
(Renal Cell Carcinoma)

Message Board

General Information
  • Introduction to Kidney Cancer - General information and web resources provided by the Cancer Information Network.
  • What You Need to Know about Kidney Cancer - Basic general information provided by National Cancer Institute.
  • What is Renal Cell Carcinoma - General information provided in this page from the American Cancer Society Resource Center. 
  • Cleveland Clinic: Renal Cell Cancer - Provides good but brief information about the disease, its cause, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, prognosis, treatment, and much more. 
  • Renal Cell Cancer - From the Medical Reference Library of  Has good but brief information about the disease, its cause, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, prognosis, treatment, and much more. Also includes atlas and images (CT scans) of the disease.
  • Steve Dunn's Kidney Cancer Page - Very good for both general and specific information on treatments, clinical trials, and other resources.  This is also a great site to share information about kidney cancer via its E-mail mailing list.


Risk Factors and Prevention
Diagnosis and Screening

Questions and Answers

Understand the Facts and Myths About Kidney Cancer - What is the sign and symptom? What are the treatment options? How dose the physician make treatment decision? Answers from this NCI booklet.

FAQ About Kidney Cancer - This page is highly recommended by our Oncologists.  Oncolink of University of Pennsylvania provides FAQ's on general information, well differentiated kidney cancer, and metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma.

FAQ About Renal Cell Carcinoma - American Cancer Society provides the FAQ section in its Renal Cell Carcinoma Resource Center. A highly recommended page.

Clinical Trials (Studies)

  • Clinical Trials for Kidney Cancer - From National Institute of Health
  • Cancer Trials - List of clinical trials provided by different cancer centers according to geographic area. Currently has 2 trials available in NY and Houston. 

Suggested Reading

Click for cancer related Books recommended by our Oncologists.  You may purchase these books with discount price directly through our links with
Support Groups
Kidney Cancer Mutual Support - provides this support group for both newly diagnosed patients and survivors of Kidney Cancer.
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