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Intense Lung Cancer Screening of Smokers Does Not Save Lives new!

Concurrent Chemotherapy And Radiation Therapy Increases Patient Survival new!

New Lung Cancer Drug Treat- ment Could Offer Hope new!

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Pulmonary Malignancies
The diagnosis of lung cancer or other pulmonary malignancies bring with them many questions and a need for clear, understandable answers. We hope this website will help. It provides information and useful internet links about pulmonary malignancies...

Understanding Lung Cancer - An important booklet from the National Cancer Institute. Highly recommended for initial reading.

Facts about Lung Cancer - Understand the basics of lung cancer. Information provided by American Lung Association.

Lung Cancer: Understanding the Issue - Basic information on lung cancer from Medicine On Line. 

Comprehensive Lung Cancer -The University of Pittsburgh Lung Center Website provides useful information on lung cancer and other lung disease.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - Information on diagnosis, staging, and treatment from the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Small Cell Lung Cancer - Information on diagnosis, staging, and treatment specifically for SCLC from the NCI.

Lung Anatomy - Internally reviewed by professionals at the University of Iowa. 

Living with Lung Cancer - Provides information on issues after the diagnosis of lung cancer, include follow-up issues, cancer rehabilitation services, and survivorship/quality of life issues.

  Questions about cancer or its treatment? Get answers from a board-certified oncologist.   Please visit our Ask An Oncologist service.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
How a Lung Cancer Diagnosis is Made
Preoperative Staging of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer Test, A Cough Away
Lung Cancer and Smoking: What We Really Know
Estimating the Risk of Malignancy in a Solitary Pulmonary Nodule - Virtual Hospital provides this easy to use form. Insert the information in the blanks and the risk is calculated. Designed for professional use. 
Screening for Lung Cancer - Press release from Cornell Univ. about the method and effectiveness of screening of lung cancer by utilizing chest X-rays and CT scan.


How is Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated - Profession information of the treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, from the National Cancer Institute. 

How is Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated - Profession information of the treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer, from the National Cancer Institute.

Small Cell Lung Cancer: Standard Treatment and New Developments - provides information about standard treatments for limited, extensive, and recurrent SCLC, side effects from treatments, and the new developments dose-intensive therapy and gene therapy.

Treatment of Lung Metastasis - Learn the late stage lung cancer from the article from National Cancer Institute.

Everything You Need to Know about a Thoractomy - Detailed information on  thoracotomy, or opening of the chest to remove a cancer of the lung.  Descriptive diagrams provide a good visual of  this surgery.

Twice-Daily Radiotherapy in Small Cell Lung Cancer - Limited stage small cell lung cancer is better and more tolerably treated with two radiation fractions a day and concurrent chemo. Important information in NEJM.

Treatment of Superior Vena Cava Syndrome - SVC is an emergent condition of lung cancer patients. But it does not compromise the prognosis if treated properly. Article from the National Cancer Institute.

The Lung Cancer Connection To Fatigue - Learn about cancer treatment related fatigue.


Q & A About Cigarette Smoking and Lung Cancer
- The Online Tobacco Encyclepedia.
What Happens after You Quit Smoking
Why Do You Smoke?
How to Quit Smoking, For Good! 
- A complete guide to smoking cessation.
The Lung Cancer and Cigarette Smoking Web Page


Experts Expect Epidemic of Asbestos Cancer
Fifty Thousand Current and Former Smokers Needed for National Lung Screening Trial -- The National Cancer Institute launched a new study to determine if screening people with either CT or chest X-ray before they have symptoms can reduce deaths from lung cancer. The study will enroll 50,000 current or former smokers.
Concurrent Chemotherapy And Radiation Therapy Increases Patient Survival

Lung Cancer Test A Cough Away
Study Suggests Some Lung Cancer Tumors May Be Harmless
Preoperative Staging of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Intense Lung Cancer Screening of Smokers Does Not Save Lives


American Lung Association
American Thoracic Society

National Lung Transplant Patient Association
National Familial Lung Cancer Registry
Cancer Survivors On Line  - provides cancer information, resources, and support to patients, families, friends, and medical professionals.

1.Asbestos Monitoring at the WTC Site

2. Innovative Treat- ment for Metastatic Cancers - Find a wealth of clinical information about a new therapeutic agent that may help cancer patients with distant metastasis.

3.Experts Expect Epidemic of Asbestos Cancer

4.WTC Air Tests Don't Alarm Health Officials

5 .Medical Treatment for Mesothelioma

6. Physician's Info on Medical Treatment for  Mesothelioma 

Inspirational Patient Stories - A substantial list of cancer survivors' stories, several with lung cancer. Provided by

Cancer Support Group Mailing List - This is a mailing list for general cancer information, include lung cancer.

Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, and Education (ALCASE) - ALCASE offers lung cancer education, psychosocial support, and advocacy programs.
Top 10 Questions about Lung Cancer - Virtual Hospital provides this informative lecture hitting all the major points about diagnosis and treatment.
  Lung Cancer FAQ - from University of Pennsylvania Oncolink
  Q and A About Finding Smoking Cessation Services -  About why and how to stop smoking. National Cancer Institute provides information on smoking cessation services
Clinical Trials

Lung Cancer Clinical Trials - for small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer arranged according to area

Active Lung Protocol - from Radiotherapy Oncology Group. 

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