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Radiation Treatment for Cancer Patients

Message Board

General Information
What is Radiotherapy - from the National Cancer Institute

Patient's Information - from American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology.

What Happens in Radiotherapy - from Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy by Dr. Margolis.  Talks about the general information, radiation planning, types of radiation and much more. 

Basics of Radiation Therapy - From W. Virginia University Hospitals.  Include basic facts, side effects, and common concern. 

Radiation Oncology - Easy to navigate through the various information, such as radiotherapy basics, and finding support.

General Guideline of RadiationFrom W. Virginia University Hospitals. 

General Information of Radiation - Trigan Oncology Associates provides the general info, includes terminology and steps in radiation treatment.

Cancer Treatment with Radiotherapy -  - Patient information on radiotherapy (radiation therapy) treatment of cancer. Information on why radiotherapy is performed, how it works, and what a patient will experience is also included.

Side Effects & Complications
Radiotoxicity - provided in detailed information about the radiotoxicity, include the side effects to individual organs of the human body.

Abdominal Radiation Side Effects and Prevention

Dry Mouth - Side effect from cancer treatment. 

Salagen for Dry Mouth - Pilocarpine hydrochloride, used to treat dry mouth in head and neck cancer patients and for Sjogrens syndrome.

Suggested Readings
Read these Books about Radiation Oncology.  Most of these Books are for professionals.

Questions and Answers 

Societies and Associations
Treatment for Specific Disease
The following Information are from the West Virginia Hospital Radiation Dept.

Prostate Seed Implant - The website of Radiation Clinic of Georgia provides extensive information on prostate cancer brachytherapy by seed implant. 

Professional Journals

The Red Journal

Radiation Oncology Online Journal

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