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Skin Cancer
Click here for Malignant Melanoma Page!

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General Information
 • Skin Cancer Fact Sheet - The page tells the lay person what he or she needs to know about skin cancer. Includes information about basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell cancer, and a wide array of treatment strategies.
 • What You Need to Know about Skin Cancer - from the National Cancer Institute. Includes information about basal cell carcinomas, squamous cancer, melanoma, their diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.
 • Basal Cell Carcinoma - The most common type of skin cancer. Learn the disease from the Univ. of California at Davis Matrix website. Atlas of skin cancer are included.
 •Squamous Cell Carcinoma - A general introduction to the skin cancer caused by exposure to the sun. The site reviews predisposing factors, cross diagnoses and popular treatment option. Includes detailed images.
 •Introduction to Skin Cancer - The web page of South Seas Trading Company is very informative for skin cancer. Their product, the UV card, has not been tested by our Oncologist; however, the concept of UV prevention is recommended.
Prevention and Diagnosis
 • Identifying Skin Cancers - The cancer center at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center details the early warning signs of skin cancer. Learn how to identify precancerous lesions, tumors and malignant melanomas.
 • Personal Skin Cancer Risk Profile - To check your risk for skin cancer, go to this site and answer some simple questions.
 •Skin Cancer Prevention - Important article for the summer time. By Robin Levinson of
Cancer Treatment
 • How is Skin Cancer Treated - The National Cancer Institute provides the Treatment Statement for patients.
 • Skin Cancer Treatment, Professional Information - Coming Soon!
 • Skin Cancer Treatment - You've been diagnosed with skin cancer, what do you do now? Learn Mohs Micrographic Surgery and other methods for skin cancer treatment.
Questions and Answers 
FAQ - about skin cancer from the American Cancer Society. Answers questions about prevention, diagnosis, staging, and treatment.

Frequently-Asked Questions about Skin Cancer - from OncoLink of University of Pennsylvania. 

Suggested Reading
 • Children at Risk: Protection Our Children from Skin Cancer: -- Are parents taking the appropriate actions during these activities to protect their children from melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, during the Summer?
 • The Skin Cancer Answer -- Willian I. Lane, et al; Paperback
 • Saving Your Skin : Prevention, Early Detection, and Treatment of Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers -- Barney J. Kenet, et al; Paperback
Associations and Societies
 • American Academy of Dermatology
 • Skin Cancer Foundation

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