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First Steps After Diagnosis of Cancer

•  The Cancer Patient's Workbook: Everything You Need to Stay Organized and Informed!

•  50 Essential Things To Do: When the Doctor Says It's Cancer.

Top 10 Cancer Sites, Treatment Centers, and Cancer Books for Newly Diagnosed Patients.

Cancer Patients: Know Your Rights.

Understanding Prognosis and Cancer Statistics - answers the most important question, "What is my prognosis?"

Find a Cancer Treatment Center

How You Can Help Your Doctor new!

Making a Difference in Your Cancer Treatment with Good Nutrition

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Welcome to The Cancer Information Network
Cervical cancer is a malignant disease occurs in the uterine cervix of females.  This year, about 63,000 people will be diagnosed with this malignancy.  The diagnosis of cervical cancer brings with them many questions and a need for clear, understandable answers...
In The Spotlight:

Financial Assistance  for Cancer Care - provides an extensive listing of resources available that may offer financial assistance to help cover costs of cancer care.

Cancer Caregivers R Us new! - This support group was "created to provide a place for cancer caregivers to share their stories, stresses, worries and celebrations. It is a place that provides support to the ones who are caregiving; sharing resources, experiences, and helpful tips."

  The Cancer Patient's Workbook: Everything You Need to Stay Organized and Informed - "This book gave me hope and guidance, and was definitely a blessing to me especially in the first several weeks after my diagnosis of stage 4 kidney cancer.  I would recommend the Cancer Patient's Workbook to any one who has cancer."

Letter to Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients - Uplifting advice from a lung cancer survivor, Dick Block. From site of R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation.

Patient Advocate Foundation ( 800-532-5274/ 757-873-6668) - 
Non-profit organizati
on that provides education and legal counseling
on a national level to cancer survivors concerning managed care,
insurance and financial issues.

Medicine Online Cancer Forums - Offers MOL-Cancer, a very active online unmoderated patient support group. 

Understanding Prognosis and Cancer Statistics - Cancer patients frequently ask this question, "What is my prognosis?"

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship - Extensive, multilingual health, public policy, legal, and support resources for cancer survivors, family members, and health professionals.

Cancer Hope Network - Provides individual support to cancer patients and their families by matching them with trained volunteers who have undergone and recovered from a similar cancer experience. 877-467-3638

Life Force Foundation - Non-profit organization providing psycho-social support for people living with cancer. With group therapy meditation workshops and retreats.



Biovast - Use the potential of your mind and body to relieve the emotional and physical distress from cancer and cancer treatments.

Center of Hope - A non-profit organization dedicated to provide emotional, educational, spiritual and social support to cancer patients and their caregivers.

Cancer Wellness Center - A private, non-profit, community-based organization whose mission is: through psychosocial support and education, to empower those affected by cancer to enhance the quality of their lives. 

Cancer Supportive Care: Psychosocial Issues  -  Provides information on psychosocial issues of cancer care.  

Support Pilot - Medical and Psychosocial Resource Network.


Shared Experience - Shared Experience aims to provide a searchable database of the cancer experiences of patients and their caregivers. 

Journeys to Wellness - Cancer survivors' stories, including a SCLC survivor from MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Inspirational Patient Stories - A substantial list of cancer survivors' stories from cancerguide.org, several with lung cancer.

OncoChat: Online Peer Support for Cancer Survivors, Family & Friends - Peer support group using Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Chat room is open 24 hours/day to whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Radio Show: The Group Room - Weekly call-in cancer support group with the option to listen in on-line.

Hospice Net - Discusses hospice services and resources.  Provides answers to frequently asked questions about hospice and information on the hospice concept.

Hospice Foundation of America - Hospice Foundation of America.

R.A. Bloch National Cancer Foundation - National Cancer Hotline that matches cancer patients with cancer survivors, 24 hours/day. Offers free books on cancer: Cancer...There's Hope, Fighting Cancer, and Guide for Cancer Supporters. One book, Fighting Cancer is available online. Founded by Richard Bloch, of H&R Bloch, a lung cancer survivor. Contact: 800-443-0464 or 816-932-8453.

Vital Options: TeleSupport Cancer Network - Nonprofit organization using communications technology to reach people dealing with cancer. Holds a weekly syndicated call-in cancer talk show linking callers with other patients, long-term survivors, physicians, and therapists experienced in working with and discussing cancer issues. Contact: (800) 477-7666.

Corporate Angel Network - Organization that provides free airplane transportation for cancer patients.

Air Life Line - Providing free air transportation to treatment.

National Patient Advocate Foundation - Legal counseling and education for cancer patients and their families.

Cancer Safe - Provides cancer screening testing service utilizing multiple tumor markers. 

Cancer Survivors On Line  - provides cancer information, resources, and support to patients, families, friends, and medical professionals.

Intercultural Cancer Council - A wealth of cancer-related resources for and about culturally diverse, medically deprived populations. There are direct links to government sites.
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2. The Cancer Patient's Workbook: Everything You Need to Stay Organized and Informed!

. 50 Essential Things To Do: When the Doctor Says It's Cancer.

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5. Click for cancer Books recommended by our Oncologists.  You may purchase these books with discount price directly through our links with Amazon .com.
At Face Value: My Struggle With A Disfiguring Cancer - A cancer survivor's story by Terry Healey.  Terry was diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma in 1984.  He had extensive radiation treatment after "too many surgeries to count," and has been cancer free since 1986.

Cancer Support Group Mailing List - This is a mailing list for general cancer information, include lung cancer.

Financial Assistance  for Cancer Care - provides an extensive listing of resources available that may offer financial assistance to help cover costs of cancer care.
Top 10 Questions after Cancer Diagnosis - Virtual Hospital provides this informative lecture hitting all the major points about diagnosis and treatment.
  Ask a Physician - From Mayo Health - Do you have specific questions or concerns? Click here to ask a specialist, or browse frequently asked questions about cancer.
  Web casts - Alphacancer provides  discussions between leading health professionals on a particular topic.  Currently available topics include breast cancer and colon cancer.

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